Pharal sighed as he thought to himself. I wonder why Miss Anderson hasn’t stopped by the Library yet.. I know she’s teaching Home Ec, but I thought she’d have at least been here once by now with the kind of reading habit she has.. Strange.. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be by eventually.. He leans against the desk, looking at a group of students, “Hey! Quiet down, this is a Library. People are trying to read books or do homework in here. If you want to make noise then take it outside, I can’t even hear myself think over you guys.” 



Uhm…we are actually already coworkers. *grins* I cannot wait to work with you then my dear… Can you tell me about yourself? Anything against Geckos?

Geckos? I don’t have anything against them. -Shrugs- Umm.. Well there’s not really too much to tell. Was there anything you wanted to know in particular?

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